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How to give a lecture?

If you are an expert in a relevant field, we request you to volunteer a lecture of 60-90 minutes. It will be a great contribution to accelerate the knowledge of global audience.

How to become a host institution?

If you are interested to benefit your students, teachers, staff, executives and researchers, we request you to host a lecture of 60-90 minutes. Your people will benefit from the expertise, knowledge, experiences and views of globally renowned experts and lecturers. It is free having no cost involved.

AVAILABLE TOPICS [from Experts & Professors]

  • Common Errors in Writing for Journals: How to Improve Publishing Possibilities? [HA]
  • Governance of Grazing Commons: Examples from Asia and Africa [HA]
  • Regulatory Chill and Corporate Environmental Accountability [HA]
  • Community Conserved Areas as Vehicles of Sustainable Conservation [HA]
  • Decentralized Conservation Approach and OECM [PJP]
  • Urban Blue - Green Spaces and Nature-Based Solution [PJP]
  • Climate Action and Alternative Livelihood – Some Indian Experience [PJP]

TOPICS IN DEMAND [from Host Institutions]

  • Use of ICT in Herd Management in Remote Pastures
  • Sustainable Tourism in Sensitive & Fragile Mountains
  • Participatory Irrigation Management: Theories and Practices in Asia
  • Project Management
  • Crowdfunding
  • Eco-innovations in Hospitality
  • Freshwater Ecosystems and Hospitality/Tourism
  • Innovation and Sustainable Waste Management in Hospitality/Tourism Sector

Broader Fields of Global Lectures

  • Environmental Studies
  • Natural Resources
  • Conservation
  • Rural Development
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Pastoralism
  • Transhumance
  • Rangelands
  • Policy & Governance
  • Biodiversity
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Mountain Development
  • Research Methods
  • Writing Skills
  • Grassroots Advocacy
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Indigenous Knowledge
  • Development Communication
  • Land Rights
  • Rural Livelihoods
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Local Self-Governance
  • Other Fields