Climate Action and Alternative Livelihood
29 November 2022

Climate Action and Alternative Livelihood – some Indian experience

Building climate resilience has become the need of the hour to reduce climate change linked complications, prepare ourselves for future eventualities and protect both life and livelihood at the same time. Much damage has already been inflicted upon the planet through our relentless pursuit of development activities in the form of urbanisation and industrialisation. In this lecture, Dr Pranab will cover Indian experiences of combining sustainable technologies and skill development, where energy efficient low-carbon devices for cooking and heating are deployed at the grassroots level that can help reduce carbon emission, conserve forest resources and generate livelihood.

Dr. Pranab J. Patar

Dr. Pranab J. Patar

Chief Executive

Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment & Human Wellness

Rworkspaces, Vardhman Trade Centre

Adjoining SBI, Nehru Place

New Delhi – 110 019


Brief Bio

Dr. Pranab J. Patar is an award-winning environment professional with over 20 years of experience working in the non-profit sector. Currently, he is CEO of Delhi based Indo-US environmental charity – Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment & Human Wellness. Dr. Pranab is a part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corp and is a member of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, ONet Facilitation Team of IPBES, Responsible Tourism Society of India, International Council for Circular Economy, etc. As a capacity development specialist, he has trained over 10,000 teachers, students, NGO professionals and corporate executives on key environmental issues. He regularly speaks on sustainability & climate change issues and has been featured across global events/Institutions including: OECD – Paris | Trentino School of Management | Smart Cities India Expo | IPBES | World Water Summit | Global Sustainable Development Summit | IUCN | Goethe-Institut to name a few. He is a recipient of SABERA- Social and Business Enterprise Responsible Award 2021, Green Future Leadership Award 2021, Water Leadership Award 2021, Swachhta Satark Nagarik 2021 (Noida Authority), ICT for Mountain Development Award 2015, The Change Makers of Assam Award 2020.

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Expertise Areas

Water resources conservation and management; Biodiversity & ecosystem service; Climate action; Community based conservation and alternative livelihood; Sustainable tourism issues; Food & nutrition security; Mountain sustainable development; Environment education

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29 November 2022

Time: 15.00 – 16.30 Hours Central European Time (CET)

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