Operating the “Grassroots Journals” since 2018, The Grassroots Institute (TGI) has initiated TGI Books. TGI Books initiative is outlined to consciously identify the neglected zones where new books are conceived and authors are encouraged to write, followed by open access or low-cost publishing to cater the scholarly or knowledge needs of the readers, practitioners, scientists, managers, planners, policy makers, public bodies, libraries, academics and field workers. There can be the edited books and sole author books contributed by single writers or group of contributors. We have announced a series of Open Access eBooks that can be seen on the link TGI Books or Since Open Access Books model runs on bare minimum of the revenue, it earns zero from the sale of the books. Hence, we cannot publish books in print version; and we adopt the eBooks version only.

All our books are registered with ISBN in Library and Archives Canada, and submitted digitally in Library and Archives Canada, Library of Congress and numerous other library databases. We assign DOI to each book, and it’s each contributory chapter, if the version is edited. TGI Books publishes scientific and academic/research oriented books on the relevant topics of broad subjects like Environment, Development, Society, and Governance, touching overall the disciplines of Science, Social Science, Law, Technology, Architecture & Planning, Communication, and Agriculture. We do not publish textbooks, comics, fiction, general interest books, or games.

We operate in Author Pay Business Model because of the Open Access Publishing. As evident, the Open Access Publishing of journals or books has wider and greater number of readers compared to conventional copyright-bound publishing. It is simple to understand that readers do not need to buy the published material and can freely read without any restriction. As a result, higher number of citations is received on Open Access published material. In addition to wider distribution of digital content by Crossref-DOI, we also expand the readability through submitting our published contents in two dozens of public portals and large number of library networks. In order to understand more about our revenue model, please read ‘Our Business Model’ on the link

Sole Author Book

Under this option, one author or more (3-5) authors may propose a book of his/their choice. TGI Books will give suggestive inputs if needed. Mutually, the title will be finalized. However, the structure of the chapters of the book will be decided by the author(s). There should be minimum 6 chapters in a book and the minimum length should be 30000 words. There is no upper limit of words and number of chapters. One chapter may be written by one author, or written by 2 or more authors. Similarly, different chapters may be contributed different members of group.

Regarding the contribution of publication fee. It is USD 90 for each 6000 words. Suppose, the total length of all the chapters, introduction and conclusion is 60000 words, so the publication fee will be USD 900. What is included in publishing fee? Handling the manuscripts, preliminary review, ensuring a peer review (names of potential reviewers to be provided by authors), doing correspondence, copy-editing (2-3 rounds), basic corrections of English composition, page making, formatting, and final book design. Additional USD 50 for design of 2 cover pages (front and back) and USD 10 for DOI and website pages will be charged extra. The rates quoted here are bare minimum, considering the quantum and quality of work.

Author Guideline

On the web page, please read three sections of guidelines for edited books on Science, Social Science, and Law. Science titles will follow Harvard style of referencing, Social Science titles will follow APA style, and the law books will follow OSCOLA style. The same will apply for Sole Author books.

Propose a New Book Outline

Please complete the form electronically if possible, attaching any relevant additional material as required. Please ensure that you are familiar with our publication areas before submitting a proposal.

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